Introducing AURA

Decentralized Hiring Network

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Dev Hiring Made Easy

Aura is a decentralized, end-to-end employment network with a mission to match the world’s best talent with the right career opportunities to create synergistic workplaces within the technology industry. Aura enables professional profile building, professional development tools, worker-to-business matching, hiring, and performance review.


Aura Units 

Aura Crystals

Professional profiles developed across the lifetime powered by AI and saved on blockchain, representing unique persona and experiences of an individual or a company.

Elin AI

Elin is Aura’s unique Bot that evaluates and analyzes public profiles and resumes, and interacts with individuals and companies through video interviews to build Aura Crystals.

Aura Contracts and P2P recognition

Aura leverages smart contracts to validate completion of work and trigger payments to workers. It also offers peer-to-peer recognition tools allowing peers to evaluate skills used in each transaction, building workers’ “Aura Crystal” reputation.