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Live Online Webinars

Responding to children's emotions and behaviours
Unlocking Voices: Understanding and Support for Navigating Language Delays
Autism Mastery: How to improve your child's developmental delays in months?

Monthly Webinar Schedule

Aware Mind is proud to announce the expansion of its network to connect therapists specializing in various fields to organize workshops catering to the diverse needs of parents and educators. These workshops cover a wide range of topics essential for child development, including behavioral management and emotional regulation, sensory processing, transition planning, improving verbal communication, enhancing literacy skills, and fostering play abilities in children.

25th February 2024

Autism Mastery 

How to improve your child's developmental delays in months? 

Ms Sally Ting 

Occupational therapist

2pm to 3.30pm 

14th April 2024

Unlocking Voices

Understanding and support for Navigating Language challenges in children.

Ms Melissa Ong 

Senior Speech therapist

1pm to 2pm 

19th May 2024

Emotional Mastery

Responding to children's emotions and behaviours 

Ms Pearl Chu 


10.30am to 12.00pm  


Sensory Processing:

sensory systems, and how they interplay to regulate a child's responses to their environment.




Improve child's social and literacy skills

Involving children in interactive play and guide them in reciprocity 




About Awaremind

Through our platform, parents can access expert-led sessions designed to empower them with the knowledge and tools necessary to support their child's holistic growth and development. We believe in the transformative power of education and collaboration, and are committed to facilitating meaningful connections between therapists and families to promote positive outcomes for children of all abilities.